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Idiyappam | Rice String Hoppers

Iddiyappam aka “Noolappam / Shvige / String Hoppers” is a common breakfast food item in Kerala.

  1. Boil the water in a wide cooking pan, add the salt & a tsp oil to the water.
  2. When the water comes to a boil, add rice flour stirring continuously. Remove from the stove and let it cool down slightly.
  3. Mix and knead well until the dough becomes soft.
  4. If the dough is not soft, add little more warm water and combine well.
  5. Heat water in steamer & let it boil. Keep it in low to medium flame.
  6. Grease oil to the idli moulds and sprinkle a thin layer of grated coconut over it.
  7. Press the prepared dough slowly through an idiyappam maker directly on the idli moulds.
  8. Now place the idli moulds in steamer & steam for 9-10 minutes on medium heat. After 10 minutes let it cool for 2 more min in steamer.
  9. Then remove the moulds from steamer & serve it with your favourite curry. I usually serve with Vegetable stew.

Nam Mane Oota Tindi

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