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Hi this is Mala Kiran welcome to NMOT.

Before we commence this voyage, here is a trivia for you… I am a fussy and picky eater myself, ironically who loves to cook all things veg!

Love for cooking was always deeply carved in me – thanks to my wonderful mom whose culinary skills have yummy tales to tell. I started cooking and exploring more as an expression of love for the love of my life, my hubby, my Kiran – a sworn foodie!..

I love cooking authentic dishes.. frequently trying it with a twist, playing around fusion.. I love to plate it pleasingly, serve with patience, click pics.. I find immense satisfaction when i share my food with our friends and family, old and new..

Cooking helps me to bring the world to my table.. indian dishes holds me closer to the root, international cuisines gives me wings to fly.. Its nothing short of traveling – another thing which i love..

You are what you eat – this strong belief inspires me to cook with smile and oodles of excitement, so that when my people enjoy the food, it nourishes their body, their soul..

Cooking gives me euphoric sense of freedom – it has held me strong during tough times, it has taught me how to stay focused and engaged..

Like any novice, i started sharing my culinary journey in social media, just for fun.. My family and friends encouraged me with support, inspired me to gear up the journey couple of notches, share recipes, try new things… I realized that, in its own unique way, sharing my journey made my cooking all the more enjoyable and rendered a special flavor to my food..

All these finally culminated in this blog.. This is my own small way of giving back to this world..the digital world which helped me explore, which ensured I am connected to my people, also introduced me to a bunch of new friends..

So hereby, with lots of smiles and loaded plates of food, I welcome you to my abode, my kitchen…

Nam Mane Oota Tindi

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